About Me

I am Yiran Lei, a second-year Master student at Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, advised by Prof. Mingwei Xu. I received my B.Eng. degree in School of Software, Tsinghua University in 2020.

I am motivated to develop new mechanisms and algorithms in real network systems for finer measuring, controlling, and better network performance. My research interests include Network Telemetry and Programmable Data Planes. I worked closely with professor Vincent Liu.


  • 05/07/2022: PrintQueue is accepted in SIGCOMM'22.
  • 10/25/2021: Awarded the Tsinghua Hefei Talent Scholarship.
  • 09/02/2021: Appointed as the TA of the course, The Principle of Computer Network.
  • 08/03/2021: Paper, DOVE: Diagnosis-driven SLO Violation Detection, is accepted in ICNP’21.


  • PrintQueue: Performance Diagnosis via Queue Measurement in the Data Plane
    Yiran Lei, Liangcheng Yu, Vincent Liu, Mingwei Xu
    To appear in SIGCOMM, Aug 2022 (Acceptance: 55/279=19.7%)

  • DOVE: Diagnosis-driven SLO Violation Detection
    Yiran Lei, Yu Zhou, Yunsenxiao Lin, Mingwei Xu, Yangyang Wang
    ICNP, Nov 2021 (Acceptance: 38/154=24.7%)
    [Paper] [Slides] [Code-Tofino] [Code-BMv2]

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Teaching Assistant

  • The Principle of Computer Network, Fall Semester, 2021 - 2022, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University


  • A tutorial to install P4. The guide helps you install P4 and its dependencies step by step. Upon success, you can start playing with P4 and learning P4 with program examples. Tofino.
  • A tutorial to install DPDK and DPDK-Pktgen. The guide introduces some difficulties and the ways of tackling them during the installation.